January 29, 2015

The unexpected effect of technology in the hotel employee-guest exchange

A new Cornell study examines the interaction of high tech and high touch at a hotel front desk and explains how technology can improve guest satisfaction while also maintaining the connection between employees and guests.

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eDreams Odigeo hits turbulence

A Wall Street Journal review of complaints against the company found indications of irregularities in dozens of cases. Some involved billing twice for a single ticket or concealing additional costs in advertised prices - practices lawyers say would violate European Union consumer-protection laws.

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You need content marketing and here’s why

Marketers today are starting to realize the power of storytelling. Stories transform our perceptions, and one of the industries best poised for storytelling is hospitality. Here's how hoteliers can learn to tell their own story, and how to differentiate their property from another to shoppers.

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