August 21, 2014

The rising costs of hotel guest acquisition

A new U.S. study documents the growing revenue acquisition costs and how they are outpacing hotel revenue growth. From 2009 - 2012 total customer acquisition costs rose by 23 percent, brand allocations grew by 37 percent and third-party commissions by 34 percent.

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You like a hotel, it likes you back

Travelers active on social networks have scored airport lounge passes, deals on hotel rooms, free drinks and late checkouts. And a new hotel-booking site is aiming to go even further: promises customized deals for travelers who join the site and link their various social media accounts.

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How Google has changed management, 10 years after its IPO

Google hasn’t just changed management by virtue of its own practices. Its very existence has dramatically changed the way lots of companies do business. In honor of the company’s milestone, Harvard Business Review published a reading list of some of the best things they’ve published on the company since its founding in 1998.

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The ‘thriving five’ hotel brands

When it comes to improving loyalty and increasing referrals, it is all about providing guests with a great experience. For hotel brands serious about delighting their guests, maintaining satisfaction is a key initiative. According to the Market Metrix, there are five hotel brands that do it better than everyone else.

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Why the hotel sector is booming

Despite rising gas prices across the U.S., hotels and travel accommodation companies such as bed and breakfasts have seen an increase in customers, resulting in the highest net profit margin for the sector since the recession, according to financial data company Sageworks.

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