October 24, 2014

OTAs dominate search for travel deals

When it comes to offering consumer savings opportunities, travel sites like Expedia and Tripadvisor have mastered the right content, whereas airlines and hotels haven’t performed as well historically in this category, according to new data by BrightEdge. In fact, nine of the top ten players are OTAs - only Hilton made it into the list.

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Expedia launches image library

Empowering the travel community with incredible access to free high-quality travel visuals, Expedia launched Expedia Viewfinder Image Library - a free online resource containing more than 40,000 images for media outlets, journalists, bloggers and other content creators.

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Splendia launches crowdsourced travel guides

Luxury travel site Splendia has launched Instagramers City Guides that crowdsource photos to create information on popular travel destinations. Built in conjunction with Paris agency Kindai, the website features photos from cities such as New York, Rome and Barcelona.

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The shifting landscape of mobile

If you’ve been keeping your eyes open, the shift to a mobile-first world should come as no surprise. Even beyond the data itself, all you need to do is take a walk outside, step into a Starbucks line, or take a trip on a bus to see how many eyes are glued intently to mobile devices.

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