June 28, 2016

How Google’s rich snippets features drives hotel bookings

Considering how important search is in the buyer’s journey - 60% of travelers still turn to search first when looking for hotels - it’s surprising why more hoteliers don’t make use of one of Google’s best features: rich snippets.

We turn to the internet before we turn to our family and friends – at least, when it comes to travel planning, revealed Google’s latest Traveler’s Road to Decision study. More than 70% of business and leisure travelers use the internet as their top source when planning their next trip, followed by family/friends. When we turn to the internet, the first place we turn is search engines – the number one most used online source in travel planning.

It’s so easy to flick through search results without giving them a second glance – especially when other search results offer the information for which you’re looking.

The three things travel shoppers want to know, first and foremost, are:

- Location
- Price
- Reviews and rating

How convenient that Google’s rich snippets let you provide exactly that.

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