December 19, 2014

How to influence’s algorithm without paying more commissions

Maximizing OTA algorithms without paying more fees is what smart marketers need to opt for in a world where online visibility is dominated by the major online travel agents. Here are a few ideas on how to improve your rankings on & Co. without just paying more commissions.

1. Comments: If we can increase the comments score, we can also increase the number of bookings and therefore the total profits that achieves through our hotel. And how can we achieve this? By inviting the more satisfied clients to write their (best) critiques in

2. Photos: “Seducing” more customers will more and likely increase the conversion rate. Photos are a key tool in capturing the online community. Invest in a good photography service, ensuring meticulous preparation, and carrying out testing to see which ones attract more attention and further stimulate the decision to book your hotel. Be careful, hotels are often advised to keep some photos just for the hotel website, in some cases it may be successful but in many others it is simply stupid.

3. Cancellation Policy: In times of low occupancy, remove any restrictions in order to improve the likelihood of getting more sales. On the other side, this will also increase the number of booking cancellations.

4. Increasing availability: The more availability we upload the greater the potential benefit we offer But be careful. What happens to your hotel profits if you sell more than you should through brokers?

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