August 27, 2015

How technology can deliver a seamless travel experience

With more than 80% of holidays booked online, every flight and hotel reservation creates data which the travel industry can utilise to improve the customer experience. With all of this data available, and with the rise of impressive technology to make travel interactive and simple, it’s surprising that so few of our journeys are really seamless.

A seamless travel experience should use technology to put the customer first. It should close the gaps between a previously siloed process, via an accessible online user interface.

After all, if a seamless process is available, why would a consumer choose to book travel through a business which doesn’t communicate with any other element of his or her journey? The excitement of booking a holiday may be lost after the fourth separate form they have to fill out to book the flights, hotel, holiday transport and tickets to local amenities.

Seamless travel should offer a door to door service, with one application guiding consumers from their homes to the airport and finally their hotel. No customer is likely to download 27 separate airline apps, the app for every airport they visit, as well as an app for each hotel they stay in. Instead, the industry needs to collaborate in order to make the process simple and streamlined for customers.

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