June 24, 2016

How to use Google Hotel Ads to strengthen your direct sales

Google Hotel Ads - the new name of what was previously known as Hotel Price Ads - can give your hotels direct booking strategy a major boost - it aint cheap, but cheaper than OTAs.

Google is becoming a relevant player in the online hotels sector, something which makes the big existing players like Booking.com or TripAdvisor uncomfortable.

However, Google’s strategy is different to the one of its competitors. It’s not becoming an OTA per se (such as Booking.com or, as it appears, TripAdvisor) and neither is it creating a metasearch engine such as Trivago or Kayak.

Google Hotel Ads (GHA) is a platform of inventory and prices distributed over the different Google products: its search engine, its maps and the new Google Destinations. Is there any doubt now that we will see these prices on Gmail or Google Now sooner rather than later? On the other hand, strangely enough, the product that Google created as a pure price-comparison tool, known as Google Hotel Finder, was shut down in September 2015. That wasn’t Google’s war.

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