September 17, 2014

New Google Travel study sees declining use of mobile apps for travel planning and booking

Each year, Google publishes a travel study that shares key insights about US traveler shopping behavior. While this year’s report, 'The 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision', has yet to be published, Tnooz takes a closer look at a preview copy it received.

The report has some eye-opening findings that could help digital marketers plan their campaigns and help travel companies allocate their spending more optimally.

The poll spotlights a declining use of mobile apps as a starting point for travel planning and booking. It also notes that nearly half of US travelers now use multiple devices to research and book a single trip.

The survey in spring 2014 was of 3,500 US leisure travelers who have traveled at least once for personal reasons in the first half of 2014, plus 1,500 US business travelers — defined as people who have traveled at least 3 times for business in the past six months.

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