October 21, 2016

Booking.com eyes Asia-Pacific for next move in global domination

The strategy is to “achieve the same as we have elsewhere”, says managing director for Asia-Pacific, Oliver Hua, despite being a relative late-comer to the market and having some other sizeable home-grown rivals with which to contend.

Speaking after a panel appearance at the WebInTravel conference in Singapore this week, Hua believes Booking.com’s biggest strength is a combination of its inventory and “geographic footprint”.

The existing Booking.com portfolio of hotels, B&Bs, rentals and homestays is now hitting the 1.2 million mark. But the spread of product in cities that perhaps its rivals do not have as much exposure is where Hua sees it having an advantage.

These “second and third-tier cities”, as Hua calls them, are where outbound travellers from Asia-Pacific are heading to next after already experiencing one trip to Europe or North America.

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