July 26, 2017

How Marriott is using voice-activated assistants for hotel guests

Hospitality brands across the spectrum have quickly gravitated to voice-activation as part of their wider move to keep pace with what travelers not only want and expect, but also as a way of surprising them with greater amenities.

Marriott has been particularly aggressive in experimenting with technologies that meet guests’ needs for personalization, including the use of beacons and tablets in rooms to better connect and build loyalty with travelers who stay with them.

The rapid rise of Connected Intelligence and the digital voice assistants that provide direct answers to users’ search queries and requests also calls into the question how people will use the apps.

Instead of pressing buttons on a virtual box on a smartphone, apps will be ever-present in the background of users’ lives, ready act when a service is called upon or even anticipating what a consumer wants before they even ask for it.

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