September 01, 2009

6 steps for better email delivery

Email marketing's effectiveness and ROI have been proven time and time again, but concerns about spam have left many marketers and business owners wary. Will my email messages get through to the inbox? How do I avoid being lumped in with spammers?

Email service providers (ESPs) have done much to allay these concerns by automating many CAN-SPAM and deliverability requirements and building strong relationships with internet service providers (ISPs) to support better email marketing deliverability and take care of the nitty-gritty technical details that marketers shouldn't have to worry about.

But some ESPs have gone too far, asserting that they can provide email deliverability rates as high at 99.99 percent. This is misleading and frankly not possible. You'll want to choose an ESP that offers a number of important email deliverability features and services -- something we'll get into briefly later in this article -- but much of email marketing deliverability is in the hands of marketers themselves, and it all starts with following email marketing best practices.

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