March 04, 2011

Pegasus, Google team to offer direct links for hotel bookings

According to Travel Weekly, Pegasus confirmed it is working with Google to include hotel pricing and direct links to hotel booking sites alongside OTA listings on its new Google Maps hotel search function. What's more, the company next week will announce a similar tool for metasearch sites.

Under Google’s new hotel search function, if a user types in “New York hotels” on Google Maps it will bring up a map with pins for hotel locations. Alongside it is a list of hotels with the lowest prices. If a user clicks on the arrow next to the price, a pull- down box appears that shows the prices for that hotel on the various OTAs.

Currently, there is also a link to the hotel brand or owner’s site, but not a price.

That will change, according to Dave Sjolander, vice president of product management for distribution services for Pegasus. Although he said Google has asked that he not disclose any details about when the direct hotel listings will launch, he acknowledged Pegasus has talking to Google about this for some time. “They have actually had this program in development for maybe six months or so,” he said.

Sjolander said Pegasus will be working to bring the hotels that are part of their central reservation system on board with Google. He said the company may also help third-party hotel customers connect to Google.

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