September 01, 2014

How hotel marketers stay relevant with today’s guests

The wants and needs of today’s guests are changing, and marketers should get a 360-degree view of guests in order to customize experiences and provide specific, relevant information during the journey. Retargeting is one way to figure out what’s relevant to guests.

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Orbitz, AA patch up dispute

American Airlines, which on Tuesday withdrew its flights from consumer websites powered by Orbitz did a U-turn Friday after reaching agreement with the online travel agency on business terms, Orbitz said and American confirmed.

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3 key tools for success in hotel online marketing

A day in the life of a hotel marketer is filled with a laundry list of “important, must do” activities. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the essentials needed to be successful. We’re talking about the critical role photos, virtual tours and videos play in a hotel’s online marketing activities to help hit those sales goals.

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