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Travel marketing needs to be data-driven, not rules-driven
18 Aug, 2017

New analytics product helps Airbnb hosts compete with hotels
17 Aug, 2017

Hotels must get social media savvy to tap into younger customers
16 Aug, 2017

Google Hotel Search prominently numbers hotel results
15 Aug, 2017

Tackling GDPR compliance before time runs out
14 Aug, 2017

Infographic: Facebook marketing for hotels
14 Aug, 2017

The new Google image badge and how it can help you drive quality traffic
08 Aug, 2017

What GDPR changes mean and how to stay compliant
07 Aug, 2017

Eight examples of top-notch copywriting from travel brands
04 Aug, 2017

Google’s European nightmare
04 Aug, 2017

A traveler’s guide to using Google Maps
03 Aug, 2017

7 proven hacks for restaurant Instagram success
02 Aug, 2017

Advertisers warm to Amazon’s increasing ad pitch
02 Aug, 2017

How marketing will change in 2017
01 Aug, 2017

The future of social media is here: These are the trends you need to know
31 Jul, 2017

How AI will change the way we make decisions
28 Jul, 2017

With Google ‘fines won’t work’!
27 Jul, 2017

What can teach us about A/B testing strategy
27 Jul, 2017

GDPR: How to create best practice privacy notices
27 Jul, 2017

Do keywords still matter in SEO for hotels?
27 Jul, 2017

The living room big screen: How marketers reach audiences with connected TV
26 Jul, 2017

Google to radically change homepage for first time since 1996
25 Jul, 2017

Facebook gearing up to launch stories for pages and brands
20 Jul, 2017

Travel brands must be more human to grab attention on social media
18 Jul, 2017

Travel Ranking Factors 2017: Data Insights that travel sites need to know for performing on Google
14 Jul, 2017

Why is Europe so bad at producing ‘Disruptrepreneurs’ such as Uber and Airbnb?
14 Jul, 2017

Growth of mobile presents challenge & opportunity for hotels
13 Jul, 2017

Facebook Messenger adverts are going global
13 Jul, 2017

How and Expedia build their traffic online
12 Jul, 2017

Marriott, Wyndham gain direct traffic, bookings from search
12 Jul, 2017

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