Since the introduction of the .travel Top Level Domain six months ago, thousands of destinations and tourism-related companies have registered their domains in the .travel Internet space reserved exclusively for travel and tourism entities.

In order to own a .travel Internet domain name, applicants must be "authenticated" to verify that they are legitimate travel companies and legally entitled to use the domain names. This authentication process is intended to eliminate the common practice of cyber squatting that has made searching the .com space so frustrating for consumers seeking accurate information and legitimate suppliers.

As an online research tool, delivers qualified search results from the entire World Wide Web, giving priority to destinations and businesses that have been authenticated. By using, consumers can now find all things travel related while saving valuable time and gaining peace of mind, because priority placement is given to ".travel authenticated" registrants, eliminating the need for consumers to sift through pages of irrelevant results or visit web sites that may not be reputable.

Tralliance Corporation, the .travel Registry, developed the search engine to benefit both domain holders and consumers at large. "There are thousands of cyber squatters in the .com space today," says Edward A. Cespedes, CEO of Tralliance Corporation. "And with billions of dollars changing hands through online commerce in the travel arena, it stands to reason that consumers are concerned about the validity of search results and the credibility of companies trying to attract their attention online."

A .travel domain assures consumers that a travel service provider has been rigorously authenticated. And as an extension of the .travel initiative, offers the public a new vehicle to find these legitimate travel products and services quickly.

"Tralliance is delivering consumers the next generation of travel search on the web by adding a layer of security that is unavailable in the .com search world," said Cespedes.

National Advertising Campaign to Promote

To introduce the new search portal, .travel will launch a national advertising campaign in August. The campaign will consist of both 15 and 30-second television spots designed to visually reflect the diverse travel destinations and entities currently registered in the .travel Internet space.

The television campaign, which will initially run in the U.S., but may expand to target other parts of the world, has the potential to reach 100 million people in 35 million homes and will be complemented by significant online advertising. The online campaign is expected to generate nearly 10 million visits to the website.

"Our goal is to drive consumers to the new site, but at the same time we need to clearly let consumers know that a whole new world of legitimate travel search results awaits them in the .travel space," says Cespedes. "We believe the new TV spots will pique consumer's interest to try, and once they see the advantages, make it their online research tool of choice."

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