Let’s dissect 10 relevant statistics related to offering discounts: 1. About 93% of Shoppers Use a Coupon or Discount Code Throughout the Year This means that the vast majority of consumers are seeking a good deal. Everyone appreciates a good deal, right? Maybe it’s more accurate to put it this way: Everyone appreciates thinking they’re getting a good deal, even when they aren’t. Recognize that people do indeed seek discounts, but they must be implemented properly to earn the rewards. 2. A 50% Increase in Quantity Is the Same As a 33% Discount If you do the math, you will understand that this statistic is true. It’s simple enough, but consumers fail to realize this and will typically opt for getting more instead of paying less. When planning your brand’s next discount, consider offering a larger quantity before offering a reduced price. 3. You Can Sell Up to 73% More if You Offer a Bonus Pack Going along with quantity over reduced price, one study showed a 73% increase in the sale of lotion in a value pack. Consumers opted for the larger quantity over the other option, which was a reduced priced for a reduced quantity, but at the exact same price. Get the full story at Convince & Convert