1. Mobile has momentum. It accounts for 20% of all travel sales and 37% of consumers worldwide accessed the Internet for travel purposes on their smartphone. The bottom line is that the mobile has to be central to any strategy today. In 2013, a quarter of all travellers used it as a search, research and purchase channel and this is only going to grow. There are plenty of opportunities to be had here to target customers before, during and after the trip. 2. Social cannot be ignored. Social media penetration is now averaging 44% across the developed world, and developing nations at 29% are not far behind. Both suppliers and intermediaries (36% and 35% respectively) view it as a critical information tool. Yet less than 8% of executives surveyed see social media as a booking platform. Yet this represents an opportunity and some brands like Best Western, which was the first brand worldwide to become fully bookable on Facebook, are grasping. 3. The multi-channel environment is key. Mobile and social are not two entities to be worked on separately but must be seen as part of the whole. There is a growing sense of urgency around integrating mobile and social and brands recognise that failure to do so can result in lost sales. However, they also understand that they must get their overarching digital strategy – and in particular the booking strategy - right before rushing into the bells and whistles. Get the full story at EyeForTravel