2008 - TrustYou is founded: After years of finding themselves in the position of frequent business and leisure travelers, Jakob Riegger and Benjamin Jost decided there had to be more to the guest journey. Guest feedback should be better managed, visible to travelers, and hotels should have the proper means of doing it. So they turned their vision and passion for excellence into reality. TrustYou was founded with the goal to make a true impact in the hospitality industry. And we are proud of what it is today: the world’s largest feedback platform, which helps hotel from all over the world manage and improve their online reputation. 2010 - Launches online reputation management and guest survey solutions for hotels: Guest feedback has developed from word-of-mouth to something a lot more complex. Back in 2010, in what started to be a tech-driven era, hotels were still in need of a smart and sophisticated way of properly managing guest reviews. Since it was founded, TrustYou managed to get an in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry and it had already gotten a base of dedicated members. So it was no surprise that we came out with a solution in the form of guest surveys, so that hoteliers could easily get valuable feedback and insights into the guest experience. By using the TrustYou guest feedback platform, hoteliers are now able to customize surveys and send it out to their previous guests, in order to receive more reviews, and achieve an excellent reputation. Get the full story at TrustYou