Noise's 10 Commandments for Building Hotel Websites: 1. Simplicity of navigation Booking hotels, flights and anything having to do with travel can be a painful experience. Making a site’s navigation feel as effortless as possible is one way to make people follow through with the booking on your own site. 2. Show Off Your Neighborhood If you’re in a great part of a great city, show it off. Your neighborhood says a lot about your hotel, and the guests who want to stay there. Show some shots of the environment, the local dumplings spot, the cool record store, everything that makes your neighborhood unique. Be you. 3. Show Your Guests' 'Grams Hotel website photography has the tendency to feel barely a step above stock photography with soul-less white rooms and generic shots of famous landmarks. Many of the most interesting images of hotels are on Instagram and are shot willingly by guests. We made an effort to incorporate Instagram photos into our design for Thompson hotels. Guests love to see these little windows into real stories unfolding around the hotel, we think its a great creative element to incorporate into your hotel’s website and marketing strategy. Get the full story at HotelChatter