Did you know that the abandonment rate for booking hotels online is 75%?! That’s right, a whopping three out of four people start the booking process, get distracted, and abandon their experience. Who knows whether it was the pizza man interrupting their purchase, or a suspicion that they might be able to find a better deal elsewhere. Whatever the reason may be, this does not mean you should give up as a hotel marketer. Remarketing is a critical component for hotel marketing due to the fact that travelers are distracted not only by everyday distractions (like pop-up phone notifications and crying babies), but to the fact that there are hundreds of other options they can choose from. With remarketing, you can lower your abandonment rate and close more bookings by showing enticing display ads to people who recently visited your site, in order to remind them you’re there and lead them through the process. Try showing them a deal for a little extra incentive to book with you instead of your competitors, and make the booking process as easy as possible. Get the full story at WordStream