evolution, the hospitality e-commerce and e-distribution provider, recommends the top 10 things hoteliers should be doing on Facebook: 1. Create a custom URL for your Facebook page If you haven’t already created a customised URL for your Facebook page, do it now. It’s first-come first-served so claim yours before someone else does! Search engines are indexing Facebook and are returning these URL’s in results. Simply visit http://www.facebook.com/username and follow the instructions. Your URL cannot be changed once it is set, so make sure you choose it carefully. Tip: include your city, state or country in your URL depending on how people find you on Google. For example, Facebook.com/yourhotelnameparis. 2. Promote your visual identity through video Photos are great but there’s nothing that sells a hotel more than watching a good video, so promote your hotel through video on your Facebook page. Create general videos or niche-specific videos and use Youtube to host and share them on your page, alternatively you can upload them directly. Videos will also get more hits for your hotel in search engines as they also appear in results. 3. Use Facebook insights Every administrator of your Facebook page will have access to Facebook insights which can be a powerful tool for tracking the growth of your page. You are able to analyse which types of posts are the most popular, monitor fan growth and interaction, see page views and track impressions. Tip: You’ll be able to see how many fans have “hidden” you from their feed – if this is high, it may indicate that you are posting too often or the wrong type of content. Monitoring these metrics will enable you to adapt your engagement and content strategy. Get the full story at EyeForTravel