Millennials already make up 40% of leisure travelers who book travel online. They’ve grown up in the digital age so tech is part of their DNA. They don’t think twice about booking a flight online, posting online for a last minute hotel or restaurant recommendation, or even spending the night in a stranger’s home in a city a thousand miles away form home. In an almost desperate attempt to win them over, the travel industry is throwing everything they’ve got at them – building niche brands, introducing mobile-driven amenities and just trying to be hip enough to matter. What the industry needs to understand is that this is not a demographic phenomenon of the peer-influenced, over-sharing Millennial. It’s a change in our culture that won’t just follow this generation. It will establish the foundation for the next generation of tech-enabled travel experience that drives more options, more freedom of choice and ultimately more revenue opportunity for the industry. Get the full story at nSight