Among the findings: - Posts containing 80 or fewer characters had 27 percent higher engagement rates than posts longer than 80 characters. - Yet, only 19 percent of all posts analyzed were this short in length. - Brands that posted (or scheduled posts) outside of business hours showed engagement rates 20 percent higher than those that posted only during business hours. - Yet, about 60 percent of posts went live between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET. - In general, across all industries, engagement rates were 18 percent higher on Thursdays and Fridays compared with other days of the week. - in general, engagement rates fell 3.5 percent below average for posts Monday through Wednesday and 18 percent below average on Saturdays. - Fans are more likely to engage with “events” and “winning” than with “contests” and “promotions.” - Posts that end with a question result in a 15 percent higher engagement rate than posts that do not end in a question. - Avoid the question why and instead go with where, when, and would and should, which were shown to result in higher engagement. Get the full story at AllFacebook Download the complete report at Buddy Media (2.9 MB)