Web users are an impatient breed. As they rest their hand on the mouse they can so easily click away from a site if they don?t see what they want, or things take too long to happen. The web is used in a highly visual manner, issues of site usability are important and every business website needs to consider ? or preferably research ? the issues that may be driving potential customers away.

Web users don?t like to waste time. However, they will linger and read content if the initial indications from a website that they are visiting - whether for a product, service or information - are good. Web designers and online marketers need to consider ways to retain users on a site and to get them to move through each stage to an ultimate contact, whether it?s an enquiry or a sale.

Your website needs to strike a balance between your own business objectives and the needs of your audience, which may be product related or general web behaviour.

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