1. Budget for Seasonality – Proper forecasting is a finely-tuned skillset made up of art and science. There are thousands of variables to consider, and no two advertisers follow the same trends. When planning summer budgets, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We’ve invested heavily in developing technology and the expertise needed to forecast budgets for our clients accurately. That said, most travel advertisers can anticipate a significant seasonal increase in demand. To capture demand, advertisers need to make sure their budgets can keep up with it. Losing out on bookings due to poor planning marks a huge opportunity loss. 2. Focus on Summer Markets – This point is pretty intuitive but often overlooked because it can be very difficult to accomplish at scale. Hotels located in beach-adjacent locales tend to see the biggest increases in activity. Metasearch sites allow you to target these customers specifically. At a minimum, travel brands should make sure they are regularly keeping up with competition on their properties in hot markets. Best case, travel brands should implement automated bidding algorithms (like the ones used at Koddi) to react to market trends on a real-time basis and maximize activity right when users are searching. Get the full story at Koddi