It’s important to keep in mind that lower rates don’t create demand; they can set the wrong expectations for guests and erode your price integrity. Instead think of adding value to beat the midweek blues. Here are 11 effective ways to boost your hotel’s mid-week occupancy and revenue: 1. Create and promote special packages. Packaging allows you to mask actual room rates with features, which add value to staying at your hotel. If your hotel offers additional services like fitness classes and spa treatments, package them together with accommodation for a really great deal that encourages guests to use services they may not have previously thought about. 2. When it comes to marketing, think who might be a weekday target audience, and geographically where they are. To attract visitors for a two-night stay you’re looking at a range of about 400km (four hours drive) from your location. Try collaborating with tourist attractions locally and submit advertisements or editorial to newspapers and websites in population centres within the vicinity promoting midweek breaks that include bus tours, wine tasting trips, or a concert. Get the full story at SiteMinder