Online and mobile activities generate vast amounts of data and there are no shortage of tools and technology available to analyse it. But the reality in many cases is “analysis paralysis”, little actual insight, or recommendations that can’t then be acted upon owing to a lack of relevant resources. Online provides a rich vein of behavioural and attitudinal data, but it is typically when the new data is intelligently combined with existing data to provide a ‘joined up’ view that it becomes most valuable in optimising marketing and business effectiveness. Currently the biggest barrier to making this happen is a lack of the right people and skills, namely those who have both the analytical skills and a keen commercial/marketing sense. All too often, companies focus on the data as an end in itself, a benchmark of their success. It is worth remembering the ultimate reason this data has value, which is that it helps people. It helps them get the best offer, the fastest delivery, the most relevant recommendation... data manifests in any number of tiny ways in which products and the service that supports them are made better for the customer. Get the full story at Econsultancy