The number one thing blogs get wrong is not providing enough original and useful content. Put yourself in the shoes of your audiences. What things do you want to know when you go travelling? What would make you click and share an article? Don’t just think, I’ve got to promote, promote, promote all the time – that tactic won’t work. 1. Photography They say a picture says more than a thousand words, and they don’t say it for no reason! By far one of the most engaging pieces of content is photography – and you want to show off your hotel, right? You probably already have a photo gallery somewhere on your site, so you don’t just want to repeat that on your blog (although you can direct them to it of course!). Some ideas: - Take photographs of the different seasons/weather experienced at your Hotel’s location - Photograph surrounding areas/villages - Visit local events happening in surrounding areas and take photographs 2. Customer testimonials There’s nothing wrong with highlighting some good customer testimonials on your blog, but don’t post every single good review you get. It’ll just come across as spammy and promotional and will start to put-off your audiences – not the desired effect! Some ideas: - Invite customers to write a travel diary entry of their holiday - Pick out quotes and turn them into images (these work really well on your social media pages as well) Get the full story at HotelContractBeds