The survey by Brussels-based UAI is based on responses from individuals representing about 830 international associations based all over the world. The survey was sent out to all international organizations listed in the UIA’s Yearbook of International Organizations that have meetings. The Yearbook lists around 66,000 non-government and intergovernmental associations from 300 countries that have international membership. Here is a snapshot of the respondents’ meeting preferences and challenges. Meetings are Locally Run: The bulk of international association meetings are planned by national members from the host country. About 21 percent are run by association staff without a professional meeting department, while 19 percent are managed by an in-house meeting planning department. Further, 15 percent are run by a local PCO in the host city, while another 10 percent of organizations retain a core PCO to manage all their meetings wherever they are held. Site Selection Decisions: There is no predominant theme when it comes to who is doing the site selection. About 38 percent of respondents said the decision is made by meeting committees or councils, while 29 percent said the decision rests with the association executive. Roughly 26 percent indicated that site selection is done by a general assembly. Get the full story at Meetings Net