1. Personalisation2015 will see a rapid rise of personalised web experiences. Hotels will begin to use data in more sophisticated ways to develop tailored content & target customers based on their preferences & online behaviour. 2. Mobile isn't a Trend. Mobile bookings will continue to grow at a fast pace throughout 2015, With a prediction that mobile travel bookings will reach $39.5 billion in 2015, Contributing to 25% of the total online travel market. 3. Booking Abandonment.With approximately 98% of visitors to a hotels website abandoning the funnel, booking abandonment tools are the answer to driving customers back through the conversion funnel for 2015. 4. Meta Search.There is still a long journey to be taken by Meta Search providers to make this an effective channel for hoteliers. The challenge for 2015 is to ensure Meta search channels deliver bookings at a profitable CPA. Get the full story at NetAffinity