Managing all room & rate combinations across multiple platforms is a task that generally falls in the lap of a Revenue Manager (RM). When a hotel has its RM updating room-rate combination on its distribution platform manually then they are wasting the time, which RM should have spent in strategizing. Most hotels today realize that and make use of technology and that’s where the channel manager comes into the picture. While a channel manager seems like a dream product managing entire distribution in a click, it is essential for RM to know how to pick the most suited. - Ability to Increase Distribution Reach: A channel manager should have a long list of channels it can support to cater to the hotel’s source market. It should help hotel reach out and distribute effectively in key source markets. - OTA Contract Facilitation: While a channel manager may be supporting channels in the source market of a hotel but if the hotel has no connect with that OTA then the support is futile. A channel manager can and must act as a liaison in such a case between OTA and hotel for contracting purposes. This will help the hotel in increasing their reach and thereby creating a demand from a channel which was not existing for them earlier. Get the full story at RateGain