1: Pay attention to detail

If every form and link on your site works, guess what? You're in the top .00001% of web sites! Chances are, your competitor is not. Every time someone leaves their site because the 'more information' link leads back to the home page, that's one person who can come to yours. You gotta test forms by hand. There are tools out there, but in the end there are bugs that can slip through.

2: Make your sales quote request form, or 'more info' form, 3 fields

Ask folks for 3 things: Their name, their e-mail address, and their question. Add the phone number if you want. Your competitor is asking them for DNA data, mailing address, mother's maiden name, sexual preference, married status, etc. in a futile effort to 'prequalify' the leads. They're getting a lot of people whose moms were named 'asdfasdf'. Make that form nice and small. You can always ask for more info later.

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