There is certainly no LACK of new data sources offered to revenue managers, but abundance is creating new challenges. It is becoming increasingly difficult to sort out the value from the noise. Yet, at the same time, the inability to get to the right data or get the data at the right level of detail continues to limit (and frustrate) revenue managers. Data storage is becoming cheaper, faster and more flexible. However, just because you CAN store the data doesn't mean you SHOULD. It takes resources, both technology and people, to manage data sets, large or not-so-large. It is also easy to get distracted by data, either getting lost in an analysis without producing any results, or by over-fitting a model with so much data that it becomes unable to predict the future. Don't become so consumed by the "big data" buzz that you are distracted from understanding the purpose and the value of the data. In fact, there is as much value in investing in going after what you "can't get to" today – more detailed demand by room type or cancellation information, for example - as there is in trying to get find the benefits in new data source. Get the full story at HospitalityNet