Hotel Banks Antwerp - Guests have access to an in-room clothes 'minibar' The access mindset is maturing. Customers will embrace brands and services that embed access to the new – the latest, the most exciting or useful products – into their core offering. May 2015 saw Antwerp’s Hotel Banks unveil the Mini Fashion Bar: an initiative created in partnership with French fashion brand Pimkie. Each room was stocked with a range of apparel and accessories, chosen according to the weather and activities in the local area. Guests could use clothes from the fashion bar and purchase items upon checkout. A dedicated fashion concierge could be contacted for additional sizes or different garments. Pimkie is set to roll out the concept to hotels in European cities including Paris, London, Berlin and Milan. How can you meet accelerating expectations of access to a constant stream of new, exciting, relevant products? Get the full story at