Each year, we at TrustYou get out our Magic 8 Balls and fortune teller caps to see if we can predict the future of the hospitality industry. This year, we see a bright future for hotels and their guests. This prediction unveiled itself without any sort of magic, but rather by consulting with many of the major news publications, plus industry experts and sources. Read ahead to find out what key hospitality trends we expect for 2017. Personalization Capabilities Improve From booking details to traveler reviews, guests leave us little pieces of information about themselves throughout their journey. These data points make personalization possible, allowing hotels to build a customized experience for each of their guests. However, often times data points from the multiple stages of the guest journey are separately housed in different systems. In 2017, hospitality software companies will band together to combine data points from multiple systems. This will allow hotels to benefit from the most intelligent guest data, all in one place. When levels of guest satisfaction pairs with loyalty status and contact details, hotels can build target communication plans to create a positive connection between hotel and guest. Get the full story at TrustYou