Hotels usually resort to the Genius programme when: - They look for more sales on low-demand dates. - They consider that has “high-quality” clients under control (frequent travellers) which they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. - They want immediacy. - They don’t see a problem in giving an exclusive discount to these Genius clients because they are low-demand dates and “what does it matter because the hotel won’t fill up anyway”. - They consider that they have the situation under control and that they will “leave Genius” when everything goes back to normal and they don’t need it. - They follow recommendations from their account manager and try it out. In fact, com argues that, by activating Genius, many hotels see their average price go up instead of down. This, according to them, is due to many Genius clients booking rooms without the discount. This reasoning means that joining Genius is logical, understandable. However, in most cases, it doesn’t adjust to reality, it’s basis is wrong and, above all, it’s a strategically dangerous decision. Get the full story at Mirai