When it comes to your properties, understanding how to communicate anticipated experiences to today’s modern guest is critical as your marketing plans are developed. By sharing a story, you’re increasing the likelihood that when the time comes to book, the hotel shopper will choose you because they’ve “seen” the value you offer. Images Based on Leonardo’s study of over 500,000,000 views of media, we learned that guest rooms are viewed 2 x more than the next most popular category which is restaurants. The fact that restaurants is the 2nd most viewed type of media and recreation is the 3rd provides insight into the fact that consumers really don’t care about the outside of the building, but rather what the rooms looks like, where to eat and what to do while they’re at your hotel. The exterior of a hotel is #9 on the top 10 most viewed list. The only caveat to featuring the “exterior” of your hotel first is when your building has some historic or prominent architectural feature or is in view of a major landmark. (Think La Tour Eiffel or Times Square.) Get the full story at the Leonardo blog