Article after article regales us about how big brands like Marriott are using content marketing and rich media to produce a wellspring of highly sophisticated, interactive, branded content. The big brands are fast becoming their own publishers and agencies, creating digital marketing campaigns that are hypertargeted to specific audience segments. Intricate and complex multi-million dollar digital marketing strategies like these leave smaller hotels feeling like they can’t keep up. There’s a reason why there has been so much brand consolidation in the hotel industry in the past year or so. Brands like IHG and Marriott see the value in the more personal boutique experiences provided by smaller brands like Kimpton and Starwood. The takeaway for smaller hotels? Your unique experience has great value in an environment where 70% of consumers expect more personalized experiences from brands. And the great thing is, the technology exists today to allow smaller operations to deliver on the personalized experiences their guests expect. Here are four proven digital marketing strategies and tactics for small hotels like yours to focus on in 2016 that can be translated into actionable, high-return marketing initiatives at a reasonable cost. Get the full story at Revinate