Big, Rich Visuals The days of websites being mostly text, with a few pictures here and there, are long gone. Today, travel shoppers want compelling visuals. Studies show that 55% of travelers list photos as helpful content when looking for trip ideas and 81% of online travel bookers consult videos before deciding to purchase a product! Ensuring you have a wide array of rich visuals – photos, videos, and virtual tours – in the hotel story you’re telling online can help travel shoppers make their final decision. Share The Experience These days, what’s around your hotel is just as important as what is inside it. If you’re not showcasing your hotel’s unique local attractions, you’re missing out on telling a key part of your story. After all, which traveler visits and stays in their hotel room all day? Travelers are now looking for more of an experience and connection with their vacation’s surrounding area. They want to learn the history, the culture, and all the fun stuff too! Get the full story at Leonardo