An analysis by Tripbam found that on average, corporate travelers cancel or change 4.9 percent of reservations within 48 hours of check-in and that if corporates were charged a penalty, the average cost would be $179 per occurrence. Goldspring Consulting partner Mark Williams said even with the size of Marriott and Hilton, he expects that the high fragmentation in the hotel space will keep the 48-hour cancellation policy from becoming a broad industry practice. Leeds said it's more likely that these cancellation policies, as with free Wi-Fi, will become a differentiator for companies that decline to follow suit. During a GBTA session, EY Americas travel lead Barbara Rose said things like this are going to happen again and again, so it's important to prepare. "It's all about relationships," she said. "When this happens, what is your relationship with your supplier? What can you do to mitigate it? What can you do to help educate your travelers? What does the data say? Work through that." Get the full story at BTN Read also "The impact of Marriott and Hiton’s new cancellation policy on corporate travel"