“Travel technology firm Amadeus, recently released a series of reports of what hotels will look like in 2020. Its findings, based largely on customer responses around their wishes and expectations, highlighted the importance of innovation with people expecting more responsive, personalized services in the near future.” – Travolution Believe it or not, we’re less than five years away from this projected vision for hotels. Now envision a new breed of the hospitality ecosystem that feels the touch of a digital presence throughout the building. Picture tablets in every room that act as a virtual concierge, smartphones or applications that allow you to check-in without speaking to anyone and enter your room by simply using your mobile device. We might not have enough quantifiable answers for these questions….yet. However, many hotels around the globe have embraced this futuristic model change and have added a splash of technological tweaks to their blueprint to make their guests’ lives easier and allow for a more unique experience. Get the full story at Leonardo