For some luxury hoteliers, the idea of mobile technology in hospitality is fraught. When customer service is understood as face-to-face interaction, the introduction of mobile technology is seen as an ill-suited replacement, an encroach on the time-honored traditions of hospitality. And when construed as such, there is also research that backs up these misgivings. A recent study by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration shows that using automation - in this case self-serve check-in technology - as a replacement for in-person customer service "can impede development of employee-guest rapport and lead to lower service evaluations." Yet, we would like to offer another definition for customer service, one for which mobile technology is far more compatible. Instead of defining customer service as face to face interaction, we posit it's simply about choice. In this vein, offering guests the choice of mobile technology is just good customer service. Get the full story at Hotel Online Read also "Recap of CES: Technology for Hotels" at E-Marketing Associates