1. Brag About Your Brand: Facebook offers engaging ways to play up your brand’s strengths. Custom landing pages enable brands to let users know what’s new with the company. For example, Delta’s landing page is essentially a glorified press release — it’s a visually pleasing panache of Delta news and developments. It lets fans know that more jets are getting Wi-Fi, more routes will be available, and first class is coming to regional jets — and it allows users to “like” each piece of news. 2. Host Contests and Giveaways: Everyone loves #winning, so give your fans something to win. Whether it’s a free flight, a free night at a hotel, a discount or free miles on an airline or hotel credit card, contests are a great way to engage your community. Asking fans to submit things as part of a contest entry — photos, video, feedback — are even better, as they generate content and weed out the lazy people who might only be there for the prize. 3. Diversify Your Content: Status updates are great, but you should also provide a mix of content to keep your audience engaged. Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, posts videos from the weddings that have happened on the beachfront property, which shows that the resort is an ideal wedding site and a perfect spot for a West Coast getaway. The video above was provided by a happy couple, while this one was produced by Terranea and includes footage of several weddings that have happened there. Try mixing it up with videos, photos, reviews of the hotel and of restaurants within the hotel (from sites like Yelp), as well as travel tips and exciting updates from the brand. Get the full story at Mashable