What's the value of an email address to your organization?

For most companies, an email is worth between $5 and $50, especially when you account for channel-cost savings and incremental revenue realized through lifetime customer value. Your master email contact database is an extremely valuable corporate asset, often valued between $100,000 and $5 million or more! This is why today's market leaders are consistently growing their email lists 20 percent or more year-over-year. These smart marketers are leveraging every touch point as an opportunity to ask for permission to email. It's a land grab for permission to communicate via email with prospects and customers. Just look around and you'll find that more and more businesses are asking for your email address: websites, in-store, customer service representatives, events, tradeshows, etc. And remember, a quality opt-in email address may not only mean a new sale; if properly managed, it also means the beginning of a lifelong business relationship. It's that simple. It's that important.

How will you rapidly accelerate the quality and quantity of your email list size?

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