Just as the travel landscape has evolved, travel marketing must also be adapted to the trends and the times. iMediaConnection.com uncovered the five top travel trends that marketers need to welcome. 1. Finding a Place in the Collaborative Economy Today, home-based lodging has become an affordable and customized alternative to large, standardized hotel stays. This trend is defined as a collaborative economy and it’s redefining travel as we know it. But hotel brands can adapt to today’s collaborative economy by adopting some of its practices in their more established properties. 2. Accommodating Each Customer with a Customized Fit With the abundance of travel options today, travelers are searching for experiences that fit their personal needs. Their travel demands and desires provide important customer data that can help travel brands serve them better. So now, many savvy travel brands have started collecting this personal data to develop personalized experiences that perfectly fit each traveler. Get the full story at mdg