While the Disney parks in Anaheim, Orlando, Tokyo, Paris, Hon Kong, and Shanghai account for only some of Disney's revenue, they are arguably the most public-facing parts of Disney. The Disney parks offer an immersive experience that digital interactive platforms won't approach for another decade or so. Celebrate your anniversaries: Anniversaries create trust. We've all seen signs that say "Hepburn's Hats, est. 2002." Reminding people how long you've been in business alleviates suspicions you'll steal their money and spend it on dice and Zima. But if you are in the business of reliving and creating memories, then anniversaries are extra important. People love their own photos - so put them in your campaigns: Everyone who has ever hit a Disney park has, under the dust bunnies, a photo album ( these days, a digital file) of their vacation moments. Disney knows this. And while it invests in professional photography recreating faux vacation moments, it knows that the most authentic marketing resides in real-life photo albums. Get the full story at PR Daily