Problem #1: Just looking According to Boxever, more than 50% of travelers don’t have a set destination in mind when planning a trip. They’re browsing, price shopping; waiting for the right deal or right location to jump out at them. This causes the time to conversion in travel to be twice as long as in traditional retail. Sale Cycle further suggests that consumers often use the basket page as a way of creating a “wish list” and building up an idea of what their dream vacation would be. Solution While it may seem like there’s little you can do in this scenario, there are ways to persuade travel shoppers to firm up their travel plans. First, lead with visuals. If a travel shopper is not set on a location, and your property is situated in a great one, then show it off on your homepage. This applies to highway or airport hotels just as much as it does to beautiful beach-front properties. A good location is subjective to the traveler. Know who your ideal guest is and tailor your content accordingly. Hotel stories can also play a big role. Paint a picture of what experience hotel guests can expect at your property. Include information on local events and nearby attractions to convince them that the time to travel is NOW. For example, maybe your hotel is steps from a white sandy beach in Jamaica, or 1 hours’ drive from a great local wine trail. Don’t just talk about your property on your website, convey the value of travelling to your region. Get the full story at Leonardo