Instead of trying to reach your potential hotel guests with advertisements in travel magazines, on TV and other websites, with inbound marketing you share your content through your own channels such as your hotel website, blog and social media channels. Not surprisingly, this costs significantly less money. In The State of Inbound, published in 2014, HubSpot compared the costs of leads generated by Business-to-Business (B2B) companies and discovered that the average cost was $70 for an inbound lead, while the average cost of an outbound lead was $220. Who doesn’t like that? Paid advertising requires a continuous investment of money. The moment you stop you advertising your hotel in magazines, on TV or online, you will immediately notice a significant decrease in the flow of traffic to your website. This is not the case with inbound marketing. Your blogs, resource section and other content will remain on the World Wide Web. This means that long after publication of your blog or landing page, you may still generate traffic to your hotel’s website and benefit from your previously made inbound hotel marketing efforts. Get the full story at GDMN Global