Two years ago, Gartner, Inc. predicted mobile devices would overtake PCs worldwide by 2015, saying: “In 2015, Smartphone and tablet sales will outsell PCs worldwide. They will become preferred devices to surf the Internet. This is already the case within many emerging markets. The consequence of this phenomenon is that each and every organization needs to re-think its digital strategy.” It is now 2015, and mobile has indeed overtaken PCs. Mobile phone penetration rates in the West are over 100 percent. 74 percent of people have a smartphone and can receive emails pointing to mobile websites. Since 70 percent of smartphone users are willing to receive push messages, you can push a direct link to mobile apps to 52 percent of the population. So, have all e-tailers positioned themselves properly on these two aspects of mobile marketing: mobile apps and mobile Web (yes, I’m skipping mobile social, even though it’s big, because it deserves a blog post of its own)? Hardly. A recent InternetRetailing article on retailer mobile-friendliness quotes SciVisum’s Christmas 2014 eCommerce Mobile Experience Report, reporting that in the run-up to the critical holiday shopping season, 7 of the 10 leading UK e-tailers weren’t mobile-friendly, with two serving desktop-optimized pages to mobile devices. 7 of the 10 took more than 2 seconds to load a page on mobile devices, even with cell signal speed taken out of the equation. Stats from Greenlight show ‘cheap flights’ was the most popular Google UK flight search term at 17 percent overall and 20 percent of mobile-based searches, yet only half of the top 10 sites returned by that search were responsive. Get the full story at Adobe's Digital Marketing Blog