1. Hook your readers with an intriguing subject line: First thing`s first. You need people to open your email before they can read it. That means you need to spend some time finessing your subject line. It’s a good policy to craft your subject line before you write the body of the email. It will help you focus your content. Plus, if you write the subject line last you might be tired of writing and produce a sub-par message. 2. Don`t underestimate the power of a good format: In one glance, your audience should be able to tell what your email is all about. To do that requires organization. Your email shouldn`t look like a high school English paper; it should look more like a visual postcard. 3. Create an email buffet: Think of your email arsenal like a buffet, with all sorts of options that appeal to a broad audience. Your email strategy should be similar. You want to serve your audience a variety of different messages. Get the full story at Vertical Reponse