It's no secret that consumers are now migrating away from traditional advertising platforms to new digital social networks and ad-free, watch-it-when-I-want delivery systems; technology is quickly changing the way the game is played. In this digital revolution, advertising agencies that have been lingering in the comfort zone of the traditional advertising model are going to be left behind.

To complicate matters further, the recent economic downturn will speed up this migration as marketers become acutely more budget conscious and ROI focused. Movement from the old to the new model is difficult for agencies that have consistently profited from charging a mark-up on producing and placing 30-second spots.

Surely the buggy-whip makers were not embracing the advent of the automobile; traditional agencies have every reason to fight change if they can continue to make money the old way and aren't quite sure what to do with the new way. But if advertisers want to keep their audiences (and if agencies want to keep their clients), they better come up with something and fast.

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