In fact, the average hotel in 2004 had around 10 reviews, while in 2013 it was estimated that the average hotel had 465 reviews, an astounding increase of 4,550%. It’s no surprise that consumers are influenced by online reviews, as 81% of travelers find user reviews important. So how can hotels leverage the power of online reviews? Of course, the first step is providing great service and a memorable experience for your guests, but beyond that, hoteliers can also learn from online reviews – learn about what guests like and don’t like and perhaps even things about your property that you don’t even know! Maybe your guests are talking about the nice chef from Barbados who made some authentic cuisine for them, or the receptionist who helped them with their lost luggage. Guests are sharing tidbits of your hotel story without you even knowing it – and it’s time for hoteliers to benefit from them. Get the full story at Leonardo