Just like other businesses, they have to adapt and grow to continue to bring in new business. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the things we expect to see happen in the restaurant business in 2016, and - surprise, surprise - many of them revolve around mobile apps and payment methods. 1. Ordering and prepaying for your food Some of the biggest inconveniences about sit-down restaurants is all the wait times associated with them. Apps like Allset are looking to help you with those pesky wait times, in reservations and beyond. While on the surface, Allset might look like just another reservation app, there is much more there once you pop up the hood. While making your reservations can be a huge time saver, it can only help with the long waits -- and only so much. One of the added benefits of Allset is that it also allows the restaurant to serve the food on your time and have it ready for you when you arrive. Another huge time saver -- perfect if you’re trying to have a nice lunch during a work lunch break. To round out the trifecta, Allset will even allow you to pay for your meal directly on the app. No longer will you have to wait for your receipt and time needed for credit card processing. The app is really just focused on letting you enjoy everything about a nice, sit-down restaurant without having to assign hours of your day to do it. Since its launch three months ago, Allset has signed over 100 restaurants in San Francisco and Bay Area. Restaurants seem to be excited working with Allset and seeing the app bring in new customers, speed up table turnover and a 30 percent increase in lunch sales. Get the full story at Entrepreneur