Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence (AI) is already in use throughout the web and increasingly within the enterprise, handling everything from initial call screening for sales prospects to scheduling. Chatbots are evolving into more complex virtual assistants, interacting with humans to replace phone calls, emails, and texts. Online virtual assistants, such as Amy or Andrew at, schedule meetings based on calendars and preferences, propose a range of times by email, negotiate with (human) administrative assistants as needed, and send invitations. This type of help has a high return on investment: estimates that it takes humans an average of 17 minutes to schedule one meeting, while virtual assistants cost less than $100 per month. Eventually, this will evolve into virtual assistants speaking to each other, communicating, and negotiating several orders of magnitude faster. Suddenly, being able to schedule a meeting with eight senior executives in three different time zones - all without interacting with a human being - will be easy and completely invisible to the human user. Get the full story at Harvard Business Review